What is Deifos?

Deifos: Warriors of the Gods is an open-world adventure game inspired by titles such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but also mixes in the concept of collecting playable characters such as in Pokemon, and the combat mechanics of MOBA titles such as League of Legends.

You play as a Deifos, a legendary warrior trained to wield the powers of the various gods in the world. As you explore the open world, you’ll discover temples of the gods. Prove yourself worthy of their power, collect their essence, and learn to master their abilities and.. their quirky personalities!

What Will It Release On?

Budget will be a large contributing factor on what platforms/consoles we’ll be able to release on, but our target goal is to release on all major consoles (Xbox, Playstation, and Switch) as well as PC.

When Will It Release?

We are still in very early stage development, and are actively looking for investors/publishers to jump into full production. At this time, a release date is uncertain. However, we are actively working on a playable prototype. Follow our social media channels for news on when the prototype will be available.

Where Can I Learn More?

The best way to stay up to date about Deifos is to follow our Twitter page or to join our Discord channel. You can also check out our lore page and more to get an early glimpse of the world of Deifos!

Can I Join The Team?

We are always looking for talented game developers to join the team! Please note that all team members are currently working on a volunteer basis as we are still actively looking for investors/publishers. If you’re interested in joining the team in any capacity, check here for our current open positions. If you don’t see your skillset listed, we aren’t actively looking for assistance in that area at this time, but feel free to check back at a later date!

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