Project Leads


Jeff Giron – Creative Director/Producer/3D Modeler/Programmer
Brayden Mitchell – Lead Game Designer
Benjamin Wagner – Writer/Narrative Designer
Nick Farinola – Social Media
Chris Dattoli – Social Media
Tula Eriksson Turtiainen – Social Media
Carlos Rodríguez Rodríguez – Composer/Sound Designer
Nat Matthew – Storyboard Artist
Tory Williams – Environmental/Prop Concept Artist
Pat Suchatsirikul – Environmental Concept Artist
Madison Johnson – Character Concept Artist
Sayaka Yamaguchi – Character Concept Artist
Brandon Liu – Concept Artist
Bill Wong – Concept Artist
Elain Chen – Concept Artist
Jose Vega – 2D Artist
Angelina Badali – 2D Artist/Animator
Tyrone Alarcon – Character Concept Artist/3D Character Modeler
Danielle Difalco – Lead UI Artist
McKenna Morison – UI Artist
Troy Firme – Lead Character Modeler
Shaylyn Hamm – 3D Character Modeler
Patrick Munroe – 3D Character Modeler
Rafael Catão – 3D Modeler
Tyler Bivins – 3D Environmental Modeler
Madeline Lam – 3D Environmental Modeler
Andres Media – Level Designer
Anngelica Parent – Lighting Artist
Michael Marangoni – Lighting Artist
Fearghall Thomas – Texture Artist
Cameron Christianson – Character Concept Artist/Animator
Adriana Ponton – Animator
Brandon Hartley – Animator
Emanuel Ortega
Jared Zawada – Rigger
Kenolisa Oramasionwu – Rigger
Sam Cipolat – Lead Gameplay Programmer
Vaggelis Tsesmelidakis – Gameplay Programmer
Mugiesshan Anandarajah – Gameplay Programmer

Founding Patrons

The following people are the founding patrons of Deifos. They were the first to contribute to our project’s Patreon Page and have forever engraved their name in to Deifos history! Along with being featured here on our website, their names will be inscribed into the Divine Book. This book will be found in the final game inside of the main Deifos Temple for all to read. It’s not too late to become a founding patron!

  • Arielle Jarinda – Founding Deifos Warrior
  • Francis O’Connor – Founding Citizen of Deomorra
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